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Samsu Oil

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Samsu oil is one of the best gift you can give to a man challenged with premature ejaculation. Among many good and effective drugs/medicines for premature ejaculation, samsu oil is my number one for now.
Here are some advantages and side effects of samsu oil over other premature expulsion drugs

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Benefits of Samsu OIl
1, It is safer than most pharmaceutical capsules and tablets.
2, It is to be applied only on the penis so you don’t get any bitter taste nor smell.
3, Samsu oil can be effective up to 3 to 5 days after each application.
4, The price of Samsu oil is very low compared to other effective premature ejaculation drugs
5, With Samsu, you are sure not to cum below 20 to 30 minutes no matter how severe the case may be.
6, In some cases it boosts Attention.
7, Samsu oil can restore your sexual confidence up to 85 percent.
8, It has no effect on a man’s fertility and sperm.
Side effects of Samsu oil.
1, It can be addictive so you’ll need good discipline so as to avoid getting addicted to it.
2, You may get some feelings as is if you applied too much hot balms on the area that came in contact with samsu oil.
Dosage of Samsu Oil
It dose not have a standard dosage just like the embrocation or balm that you apply on a injured muscle.
* Apply very little potion on the cap alone or all over the penis (Do not re-apply on the same spot again if the liquid evaporates from your skin)
*Wait for at least 2 hours before sex. It can also be washed off after about 3 to 4 hours from application.
*Do not apply more than two times in a week.

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