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Max man Men Enlarging Cream


How do max man cream work?
max man cream enlarge the penis by increasing blood-flow to the organ; there will be an increase of 80-200ml of blood to the penis when erect. when the male sexual arousal, the brain or spinal nerve convey the message of erection, the “transmission factor erectile” effect to the penis cavity sponge, causing the arteries dilate, blood pressure, about two one hundred milliliters of blood into the penis cavity sponge, the further pressure to the vein, resulting in difficulties in the blood return to a sustained erection. penis erection cavity filled with blood from the three sponge composed of three cavernous cavity exercised the function of penile erectile tissue, while the corpus spongiosum penis head and provide for the erection size, penis as a pair of provides a hardness of erection.


This gel is a highly potent sexual excitant for men. The herbal extracts will increase blood flow to the penis and will make your erection last longer during sexual intercourse. Regular use will stimulate metabolic activity and strengthen connective tissue and make penis bigger, longer, stronger and thicker.

Directions: Massage twice a day (morning and night) on the full length of the penis.


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