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Catherine Slimming Tea

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This tea has been available since at least 2013. Catherine Slimming Herbal Tea has a vanilla flavor, which some people will appreciate.Natural ingredients are used and both women and men can use this product.


Catherine Slimming Herbal Tea is a product of Thailand. The ingredients are senna pods, senna leaves, garcinia cambogia and flos chrysanthemi. The purpose is to remove harmful toxins from the body, increase regularity and slim down the tummy area. It is suggested you consume it daily. Dieters should allow it to steep for 10-20 minutes in hot water.

This tea has been available since at least 2013. Catherine Slimming Herbal Tea has a vanilla flavor, which some people will appreciate.Natural ingredients are used and both women and men can use this product.

11 reviews for Catherine Slimming Tea

  1. Nana Kwame (verified owner)

    I love Catherine tea

  2. ROSE (verified owner)

    Ok it works so well that you gotta be careful lol I’ve been suffering from constipation but when I drink this tea my body starts detoxing. And for me it usually start kicking after like 8 hrs or smth so when I drink this tea in the afternoon I had to run to the bathroom during the night lols but it works well and I like the taste too!! So if you want to detox your body I really recommend 🙂

  3. MILLICENT ETUAH (verified owner)

    I bought this tea to kick start a diet. I drank it at 7:00pm, the next morning it really started working. I mean really working. Don’t use if you have to go out early. I have been using now for a few weeks, and I’m able to tolerate it better now, and I’m losing weight! Please exercise caution when using this, you will need easy access to a toilet after drinking the tea. I try to use every three days when possible. It also tastes good!

  4. VICTORIA AMEVOR (verified owner)

    I loved that teabags were packed in a sealed bag inside a box. Yesterday I drink it in the morning, i love the taste of it . Too bad I was at work, and it made my stomach rumble and I had to go few times. It definitely emptied my stomach, I will keep drinking it and see if I will have changes in my belly area.

  5. VERONICA NARTEY (verified owner)

    I used many types of Slimming tea and this one is the best. The flavor is also really nice. I drink this at night before I go to bed then I go in the toilet in the morning. I feel like my bloatedness was reduced and my colon was cleansed. This is my go to Slimming tea

  6. CHARLOTTE QUAYSON (verified owner)

    Drink it at night and be sure that you don’t have any early appointments the next day because it does make you go to the toilet more than once. I feel a lot lighter after two weeks of drinking it at least four times each week. It tastes good especially if you like lemon flavored teas. It’s not better and it doesn’t smell strongly of herbs or medicine. Highly recommended 🙌

  7. EKUA OWOO (verified owner)

    I gave birth over a year ago, gained weight, now have belly fats, always feeling bloated and very hard for me to poop although I always eat more fruits and veggies. I have been drinking lemon water, so I thought it might be better with this tea since I stopped breastfeeding already a week ago. I am trying to lose my belly fats by exercising and with this, and see how this tea will help. It’s my 4th day drinking it, I drink it before supper, after 3-4 hours it gives me stomachaches and makes me go. My tummy feels lighter. I love the smooth taste, not bitter. I don’t even put honey it’s still taste just fine. The best time to drink it is when you plan to just stay at home, cause it really makes you go.

  8. MARGARET COMMEY (verified owner)

    I don’t know the results yet. Just arrived and drinking for the first time. Taste good:) i liked very much:) I hope it’s helps my weight loss

  9. VIDA OWUSU (verified owner)

    I am deep searcher before buying a product. I know not all Slimming Tea are same. This won’t disappoint! Super fine, Also one of the cheapest one you can get it. This should not give false idea of low quality. It is not. That’s what I love about it. Thanks for giving us this quality at such prices EDUROWURA!

  10. narteymichaila1 (verified owner)

    this is my first time try this tea and in my experience its work i drink it in the morning and before bed time. i try any kinds of tea but this one its work well.

  11. narteymichaila1 (verified owner)

    I personnaly used this product almost 3 months and really good for those constipated ladies. Highly recomended.

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